Administrative infractions

The law firm Borodin and Partners offers the services of a lawyer in administrative cases for legal entities.

In the case of an administrative offence, a large fine may be appointed to a legal entity or even the company's activities suspended for a long period.

If an official was brought to justice, the best way out of this situation would be to have qualified lawyers next to you, whose task is to protect the client.

The law office “Borodin and Partners” employs experienced lawyers, with extensive experience in administrative cases. The complexity of these offenses is primarily in the fact that decisions are often made without prior investigation, by the fact of violation. For proving that the charges are groundless, an administrative attorney must not only be well skilled in the intricacies of the law, be aware of the law enforcement practice, but also attorney must prepare and analyze a large number of documents. That is why, quite often people resort to the help of a lawyer in case of administrative offenses.

         Our experts will help you in solving a wide range of issues related to the prosecution of employees or officials in the course of:

- Incorrect assessment of taxes and other derogation from this area of law.

- Violations of intellectual property law

- Violations of labor laws

- Violations of currency legislation

And other problems and questions

         We will help you in:

 - Appealing decisions of state officials in a judicial procedure during the proceedings on the case of administrative offenses

- Advice on administrative law and administrative process

- To protect the interests of the company in general and, the officials who was brought to justice in particular