The law firm has many years of experience in providing comprehensive bankruptcy procedures for both large companies and individuals. Our team has participated in more than 100 bankruptcy proceedings. At the same time, we are representing the interests of participants in bankruptcy proceedings, both in the conduct of the case from its initiation to the end, and in the consideration of isolated disputes. For example there are challenging transactions made by the debtor or recognizing the illegal actions of the arbitration manager.

Forms of cooperation for corporate clients:

  • identification of bankruptcy risks and development of a set of legal measures aimed at minimizing risks;
  • preparation and initiation of bankruptcy proceedings;
  • full support of bankruptcy procedures and protection of the interests of both creditors and the debtor;
  • representation of interests in arbitration courts in challenging bankruptcy transactions;
  • representation of interests when interacting with an arbitration manager, a debtor and other creditors;
  • the conduct of cases on the recognition of decisions of meetings and committees of creditors void, the actions of the arbitration manager unlawful;
  • mediation, development and approval of settlement agreements at any stage of a bankruptcy case;
  • Support of the arbitration manager.

Forms of providing legal assistance for individuals:

  • individual oral counseling;
  • written explanations of legislation and preparation of legal opinions on the application of bankruptcy procedures for citizens and participation in bankruptcy cases;
  • full support of bankruptcy procedures;
  • representation interests of bankruptcy proceedings in court;
  • debt optimization and restructuring;
  • Representation of interests when interacting with an arbitration manager, a debtor and other creditors.