Business support

The activity of any organization requires high-quality legal expertise on a wide range of issues: company registration, conclusion of contracts, verification of counterparty reliability, participation in tenders, conclusion of employment contracts with employees, etc.

Even if there are lawyers in the staff, no one is immune from the fact that they will not have to solve new issues for themselves in the legal field. When it comes to preserving profits, reputation or “at stake” is the existence of the entire business, it’s better to turn to proven professionals.

Competent legal support of business

Experts of Borodin & Partners Law Firm are ready to take on the full range of legal services for your business. Our lawyers specialize in various areas of law and have practical experience in resolving tax and labor disputes, issues of real estate registration, preparation and examination of constituent documents, and protection of a wide range of interests of an organization in court. You will be sure that neither one nor two lawyers work with you, but a whole team of professionals with extensive experience in law. We promptly resolve emerging legal issues. Our experts will help you at any time, while a full-time lawyer may be on vacation or on sick leave.

In addition, we provide assistance on current business issues; provide comprehensive legal opinions on strategic business areas.

It is also important that our specialists take part in difficult negotiations, where the assistance of a lawyer is required, representation of interests when interacting with state authorities and, of course, representing the interests of the client in court.

Competent legal support will allow you to reduce the risks in concluding contracts, to avoid unreasonable lawsuits against you, to establish a constructive relationship with the inspection bodies.

Our services:

- Legal expertise of constituent and local documents of a legal entity and its counterparties

- Legal expertise of contracts, agreements and documents on transactions concluded by a legal entity

- Check the integrity of counterparties

- Negotiations and support of the conclusion of transactions with counterparties

- Consultation and preparation of legal opinions on the strategic areas of activity of a legal entity

- Consultation on current issues of the legal entity