Contracts and liabilities. Government contracts

Conclusion of the contract - it seems a simple procedure, but without legal knowledge of the case can lead to quite serious legal violations. Such consequences include: the absence of appropriate guarantees by the supplier’s side, overpayment of fines, and invalidation of the contract.

It is not uncommon, that in an organization managers of various services develop the terms of a contract, they often use standard forms, which not reflect the specifics of the business.

Competent preparation of contractual projects, their legal expertise by the lawyers of Borodin & Partners Law Firm will relieve you from unjustified claims of counterparties, will reduce financial risks, will help to avoid lengthy litigation and make sure that the transaction is legitimate at the stage of its preparation.

In addition, we are ready to conduct a full audit of your company's contracts, assist in resolving pre-contractual disputes, recover debts under contracts and represent your interests in contract disputes in courts.

Government contracts

Today legal support of government contracts is in demand, especially by those companies that regularly participate in public tenders. The requirements of such tenders are quite tough; any error in the submission of documents may deprive you of the opportunity to take part in them.

Documents for participation

To ensure auction participation, the guarantor must send the following documents to the address of the state contractor:

- Charter of the guarantor (copy);

- BIN and TIN (copy);

- The document on the appointment of the  General Director (copy);

- Latest financial statements;

- The contract of guarantee for the municipal (state) order.

Assistance in tenders is one of the important aspects of the company. Professional lawyers are ready to advice on all significant issues, assist in the preparation of the required documents, in case of challenging the results, protect your rights in court or the antimonopoly service, and conduct a legal analysis of the auction documentation in terms of all emerging risks. Legal protection of your interests can be carried out, starting with participation in the purchase and ending with the acceptance of work by the customer.

Our help

- Preparation and legal expertise of draft contracts, government contracts

- Pre-contractual disputes

- Recovery of contractual debt

- Representation of interests in contractual disputes in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction of the first, appellate and cassation instances, as well as in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

- Challenging trading results

- Representation of interests in antitrust authorities. Representation of interests in enforcement proceedings