Today issues of intellectual property protection come to the fore for organizations and entrepreneurs who have already significantly invested in their development and brand. However, this does not mean that the problems of copyright protection are not relevant to those who are just entering the market. The earlier the registration of objects of intellectual property is made, the more guarantees that the business will not suffer from their illegal use.

         Professional legal assistance in registering a trademark (Brand)

As practice shows, an appeal to a qualified lawyer on the issue of copyright registration allows you to process all the necessary documents in strict accordance with the law and further minimize the risks of a business. The lawyers of Borodin & Partners Law Firm are ready to advise you on the following copyright issues:

 - Registration of trademarks or brand

 - Representation of interests in protesting the unauthorized use of means of individualization, protected by state registration;

 - Intellectual property in customs authorities leading import controls

- Preparation and submission of applications and objections to the provision of legal protection for third-party trademarks

- Representation in disputes on the early termination of the legal protection of trademarks and service marks

- Assessment of protect ability of newly created intellectual property objects

 - Representing the interests of the client in Rospatent, and also challenging the decisions of Rospatent in the Court of Intellectual Property Rights

Copyright infringement is, unfortunately, a fairly common phenomenon in Russia. The imperfection of the legislative base sometimes puts the right holder in difficult conditions, but our experience will solve the problems of any complexity in your favor.

Lawyers of the law office Borodin and Partners provide services in the field of registration and protection of intellectual property. Trademark registration (trademark), patents, copyright protection - qualified lawyers will provide you with comprehensive support in upholding interests. Regardless of the complexity of the situation, you can be sure of the promptness and professionalism of the services provided.