Criminal defense

The lawyers of the «Borodin & Partners» Law Firm have extensive experience in criminal matters.

Often, in a criminal case a successful outcome is directly dependent on the timeliness of applying for qualified legal assistance; in this regard, it is extremely important to contact an attorney at the stage of the pre-investigation procedural check. At the same time, our lawyers are ready to get down to case at any stage. It may be the initial stage of the preliminary investigation, the familiarization with the materials of the criminal case or the trial.

The law firm Borodin and Partners specializes in the protection of complex and multi-stage criminal cases as a general criminal, as well as economic, corruption.

In the framework of the provision of legal assistance in the criminal law direction, the following services are provided to the clients of our law firm:

- verbal counseling of victims, witnesses, suspects, defendants, defendants and convicts (including those in custody), and also citizens who do not have any procedural status on criminal prosecution issues;

- legal analysis of documentation, giving written and oral opinions;

- protection of the rights and interests of citizens at the stage of preliminary investigation;

- representation of the interests of victims and witnesses during the preliminary investigation (inquiry);

- protection of suspects and defendants at the pre-trial stage;

- legal assistance to citizens in the framework of the extradition procedure;

- drafting statements, petitions and complaints in criminal cases;

- obtaining information (documents) from public authorities (through a lawyer's request);

- protection of the rights and interests of citizens in the court of first, appeal, cassation and supervisory instances;

- appeal of sentences, rulings and court rulings.