Family disputes

Going to court is an extreme measure. The priority direction in resolving this category of cases is the pre-trial settlement of a dispute. We are sure that everything can be solved in peaceful ways. 80% of our cases ended in a peace agreement.

You can be confident in our qualifications and experience. We develop unique solutions for every legal situation. You are guaranteed adherence to lawyer secrecy and the compliance of services with high standards of professional ethics.

Our services include:

- individual oral advices on family matters;

- written explanations of legislation on the subject of the dispute;

- negotiations on pre-trial settlement of disputes

- family mediation;

- Pre-nuptial contract

- drafting a well thought out pre-nuptial contract which takes into account the prospect for the family relationship of the spouses to develop (including property rights among others);

- providing support in enforcing the terms and conditions of a pre-nuptial contract; - handling disputes that involve challenging pre-nuptial contracts and seeking to have them amended or terminated.

 Dissolving a marriage; dividing property; obtaining an award of alimony;

-         determining the procedure for access to children dividing property;

-          those determining the place where minor children will live and the procedure for parental access to children;

-          those seeking to deprive a parent of parental rights.