Pre-trial settlement of disputes (mediation) is an effective way to resolve legal disputes, the benefits of which are beyond question. Within the framework of the procedure, the parties of the conflict accept a mutually beneficial decision, by listening to the arguments of the mediator.

Benefits of pre-trial settlement of disputes

The decision is entirely dependent on the will of the dispute. Through mediation, the parties will receive the following benefits:

- significantly save time and money;

- tune in to a constructive solution to the disputable situation;

- adjust mediation to the needs of all parties to the conflict, taking into account their emotional and personal characteristics;

- to protect private interests as much as possible and to ensure complete confidentiality of the process;

- to reach long-term agreements that are most acceptable to all parties to the dispute.

Features of mediation (pre-trial settlement) 

Mediation allows you to resolve the conflict much faster than if it was during the trial. In addition, all participants in the process maintain partnerships with each other, and controversial issues do not turn into a public plane.

Mediation has been legally recognized as a valid alternative to a state trial since January 1, 2011. Mediator services are available to both legal entities and individuals at any stage of the dispute.

To resolve the existing disputed issues, the parties are assisted by a qualified lawyer who conducts explanatory work, and also offers possible solutions to the problem. The purpose of the mediator is a comprehensive solution to the dispute with mutual benefit and compliance with the legislation in force.

Why should you contact us?

The specialists of the law firm "Borodin and Partners" are ready to provide professional assistance in conducting the mediation procedure.

You can be completely confident that we are guided by the principles of independence and impartiality, and also guarantee to our customers complete confidentiality.

Our services:

- Prevention of conflict situations and claim handling

- Participation in negotiations for the purpose of pre-trial or out-of-court settlement of disputes

- Organization of the negotiation process and conflict-free analysis of the situation

- Evaluation of the arguments of each of the disputants

- Investigation of the possibilities for resolving the dispute, registration of the agreements.