Tax disputes

Many companies face tax claims. The requirements of the Inspection of the Federal Tax Service are ways to cause substantial property damage to the business. These can be additional taxes, penalties and fines for millions or tens of millions of rubles. Administrative and criminal responsibility may be brought against the heads of the organization, as well as the chief accountant and other employees. The requirements of tax inspections over time become tougher, the norms of legislation change, therefore the assistance of a qualified tax lawyer or lawyer becomes simply necessary.

The law firm “Borodin and Partners” offers the services of a lawyer to resolve disputes with the tax inspectorate, as well as advice on issues related to the accrual of corporate income tax, VAT, personal income tax, property and other taxes.

For more than 25 years of effective work in the legal services market, we have gained considerable experience in resolving cases involving tax authorities and are ready to assist your business in disputes of any complexity. With our help, you can appeal the decisions of tax inspectorates on the additional charge of taxes, penalties and fines, on the arrest of accounts and other decisions of the supervisory authority.

         We offer the following services to clients:

- Tax advice before the tax audit (desk and field) and directly during its implementation.

- Analysis of acts, decisions and requirements of tax authorities.

- Representation of interests in inspectorates and departments of the Federal Tax Service of Russia and in courts of various instances.

- Drawing up objections to decisions of inspection bodies.

- Creating an effective budget planning system.

- Advice on optimizing work in the field of taxation.

- Reimbursement of taxes from the budget system.

The lawyers of the Borodin & Partners office will assist in developing a tax policy model that is effective from a business point of view and impeccable in terms of legislation. This minimizes the risks of litigation with tax authorities and greatly simplifies the work of your company with the tax inspectorate.

 It is worth remembering that contacting an experienced lawyer will not only optimize your financial momentum, but also relieve you from potential administrative or criminal liability.